Age Dofu 4.75
Deep fried soy bean curd with special sauce  
Gyoza 4.95
Deep fried or steamed shrimp filling dumpling  
Shumai 4.95
Steamed or deep fried shrimp dumpling  
Beef Negimaki 7.75
Sliced beef rolled with scallion and served with special sauce  
Ika Fried 6.75
Fried squid Japanese style  
Tempura 6.75
Shrimp and vegetables deep fried  
Tatsuta Age 5.25
Deep fried chicken Japanese style  
Yaki Nasu 4.95
Grilled eggplant with special sauce  
Yakitori 5.50
Chicken and vegetables on skewers  
Hiyayakko 4.50
Cold bean curd with dry bonito, scallion and ginger topping  
Edamame 4.50
Steamed and salted Japanese soy bean in shell  
Sushi 7.75
5 pieces of assorted fish  
Sashimi 8.25
7 pieces of assorted fish  
Tako Su 8.25
Octopus with sliced cucumber and seaweed in ponzu sauce  
Mixed Sunomono 8.25
Smoked salmon, crab meat and shell fish  
Tuna Tataki 9.75
Sliced seared tuna with caviar, cucumber, scallion in ponzu sauce  
Seafood Tartar 8.50
Chopped, tuna, white tuna, salmon with caviar, avocado, scallion in special sauce  
Harumaki 3.00
Fried spring roll  
Miso Soup 1.50
Clear Soup 1.95
Vegetable Soup 1.95
Green Salad 2.50
Seaweed Salad 4.25
Tofu Salad 4.25
Kani Salad 4.95
House Salad 5.45
Served with crab stick and octopus